All About Jigsaw by Black+Decker & Dewalt

A jigsaw is the best-selling and valued power tool that is used in a vast range of cutting applications. A good power tool can save half of the effort when it comes to achieving adequate cuts with a jigsaw. Black+Decker & Dewalt offers many products to the market when it comes to jigsaw and jigsaw blades. So, choosing the right one may become a difficult task for some people. 

A buyer should get a jigsaw that is highly effective and economical. It is important to consider some factors before purchasing a jigsaw to make sure it fulfills all your purposes. 

So, let’s discuss some important features that your jigsaw must possess.

1. Working Mechanism

With vertical saw motion, a gear reducer converts the rotation of an electric motor into simple reciprocating movements. When moving it upwards, the saw also moves forward and when it goes down, it gets retracted. For a pendulum stroke, a pin is provided that swings the saw support roller. It pushes the saw forward and releases it back. 

2. Power

Power is the main criteria while selecting a power tool. It directly concerns the thickness of the material that the saw is able to cut. Like all power tools, there are two variants, domestic and professional. A domestic jigsaw uses power between 350 to 700 watts while a professional jigsaw can reach up to 1500 watts. It is recommended to look for the product as per your required needs.

4. Sole Plate

The soleplate should be solid while experiencing a large load when you press it against the worktable. It won’t be possible for you to get proper accuracy if the soleplate is deformed. The Soleplate surface must be smooth-textured.

5. Saw Blade

The saw blade is fixed with every jigsaw, whether it is an old or new jigsaw. There is a  block of a jigsaw, you can insert a blade with any thickness suited to your work. So, while choosing the one for your job, make sure it has a perfect blade that can provide a perfect result to your work. 

So, these are the factors that you should consider before getting a jigsaw. Along with these points, also check the cord length of the product. 

If you are looking to buy jigsaw online, you may consider the products below from the top brand Black+Decker and Dewalt or browse through our website Where you can get the best jigsaw and other power tools at an affordable price.

Dewalt 75mm 500W DW349 Jigsaw


  • Keyless Blade Clamp: Yes.
  • Compact and ergonomic design gives comfort and versatility to the user.
  • Keyed blade change for durability.
  • 3 pendulum action for cutting performance and longer life for the saw blade.
  • 550 Watt motor with power reserves giving performance and durability.
  • Variable speed dial and trigger allow controlled cutting in all materials.
  • An integrated sawdust blower provides an unobstructed view of the cutting area.
  • Low-profile dust extraction shield with bi-directional vacuum spout for clean, efficient cutting performance.
  • Heavy gauge steel shoe with anti-scratch coating and detachable anti-scratch shoe.
  • Can be used with a parallel guide or circular guide for accurate shape cutting.
  • 1-YEAR WARRANTY on defects in material or workmanship at any Stanley Black+Decker service center
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